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Ceramic Coating

Simply the best form of coating to protect your cars paint.  We offer a variety of options to best suite your vehicle and your desired level of protection and gloss.  


Coating Options

1. One-Year Ceramic Coating

Starting From: $249


2. Three-Year Ceramic Coating

Starting From: $399​


  • A balance between durability and affordability.

  • Offers extended protection

3. Five-Year Ceramic Coating

Starting From: $599


  • Ideal for those seeking long-term protection and the ultimate gloss.

4. Eight-Year Ceramic Coating

Starting From: $749


  • The pinnacle of ceramic coating longevity and performance.

  • Ideal for new cars or car enthusiasts seeking the best protection for their vehicle. 

Why Ceramic Coat Your Vehicle?

A ceramic coating serves as an advanced shield for your vehicle, employing cutting-edge chemistry to provide unparalleled protection against the rigors of daily driving and environmental exposure. Composed of silicon dioxide (SiO2) or graphene nanoparticles, the coating forms a transparent, chemical resistant, nanoscale layer on the car's surface. This layer creates a hydrophobic and oleophobic surface, meaning it repels water and oil-based contaminants. The tightly packed molecules form a robust bond with the paint, creating a protective barrier that acts as a sacrificial layer. This sacrificial layer absorbs the brunt of environmental pollutants, preventing them from directly affecting the underlying paint. Additionally, the ceramic coating enhances the paint's resistance to UV rays, oxidation, and fading, ensuring your car maintains its showroom-like finish for an extended period. The result is not just a glossy appearance but a long-lasting defense against the elements, preserving the beauty and integrity of your vehicle.

How is a Quote Price Determined?

The pricing for our ceramic coatings varies depending on the specific needs of each vehicle.  A coating can not be applied unless the paint has recieved proper preperation, this is often the most cost and labor intensive stage.  A brand-new vehicle typically requires minimal need for paint decontamination and polishing, while on the other hand, older vehicles may require a multi-stage paint correction.  Our starting price represents the cost for a brand new vehicle which will only require our decontamination wash and a light polishing.  At O'Neil Detailing, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch results without taking shortcuts or compromising on quality.  Ensuring that every vehicle, regardless of its age, receives the attention necessary to meet the highest standards of ceramic coating application.

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